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12th February 2008

8:04pm: Just a Poem for fallen officers
My Brother

Although I never met him, I knew him.

He was idealistic and believed he could make a difference.

He was immensely proud of the uniform and the badge and what

they represent.

He felt privileged to be of service to his department, his

community and to his country.

He was a cop.

Although I never met him, I knew him.

He was friendly, courteous, and polite, yet firm.

He laughed and joked, but was serious when necessary.

He was competent, trained, and professional.

He was a cop.

Although I never met him, I knew him.

He had a strong sense of right and wrong and became

frustrated when true justice became sidetracked.

He felt the sharp criticism that goes with the job, but he

never wavered.

He stood by and for his fellow officers.

He was a cop.

Although I never met him, I knew him.

He longed for his family during the long hours.

He worried about them during his shifts and the lonely

weekends,holidays and midnights when they were apart.

He felt guilty about the lost time, but knew his calling

and prayed they would understand.

He was a cop.

Although I never met him, I knew him.

He was a good son, a loving husband, and a devoted father.

He was dedicated to the profession and cared about the

people he served.

He wanted to do the best job that he could and strived to

be the best he could be.

He was a good citizen and a good neighbor.

He was a cop.

Yes, I did know him.

He was a cop, he was my brother.
7:32pm: Welcome back...again.
Livejournal has come to pass I believe. I think we all grew out of our 16-year-old phase of having the coolest layouts and the most LJ friends. I don't know if anyone even uses/reads/acknowledges their livejournal anymore.

If any of you LJ friends are still out there, I would like to say hello once again and probably fill your minds with promises that I will update more frequently. I'm going to try and put forth my most-esteemed efforts to attempt to keep you all entertained in my wild life that goes on here in Garden City, Kansas.

Okay, so this is the biggest news to pass along since I last updated. I am now officially a Police Officer here in town. I've been on for a little over a month now and it is everything I have ever imagined it would be and more. I work with a great group of Officers who are helping me every step of the way and making sure I don't screw up.

My girlfriend and I are a mere three weeks away from our one-year anniversary. I can't believe that it's gotten all the way up to a year so quickly. I think that when you're a kid, time goes by so slow because you have so much to look forward too, like Christmas, Easter, all the sweet holidays with candy and gifts. School isn't a drag yet and life is just good and carefree. Once you grow up, time just seems to pass at a million miles a minute. I can't believe i'm already 21 and working in the career field i've strived for for many years now. I've started my big boy life and it feels good.

Other than that, I don't have a lot to report. I'll mostly be posting of my days on patrol and letting you all know what happened on the streets that particular day. On days off, you'll get to kind of see what goes on while I hang out with Caitlin (my girlfriend) and how I survive days off full of boredom

16th October 2005

11:58pm: peace livejournal.

2nd August 2005

4:39pm: friends only, comment to be added.
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